Our Beginning

Where it all began…. A letter from the founder…

Having been blessed with a wonderful life I felt the need to give back to my community. I researched many charities only to find that a large portion of the funds donated go toward the organizations overhead and not the actual cause. Not satisfied by the thought of just giving a check to someone and not knowing where it went I decided to search for a charity that would allow me to put 100% of my donation and time towards something that would make a difference in someone’s life.

I reached out to several different organizations and hospitals inquiring about how I could help financially and physically.  Miami Children’s hospital’s social services department quickly responded with interest and was eager in receiving support from an individual with a dream like mine. They introduced me to a young girl fighting Crohn’s disease. The young girl wished to have a laptop (having never owned a laptop or computer) to get her schoolwork done while she battled the disease. I was more than happy to provide her with her first laptop. It was a very memorable moment for both of us, a small gift that made such a big impact.

After a few small donations and gifts to several other children I was asked by the hospital to help them with Project Elf; a yearly event at the hospital held by the social services department. They would gather a handful of the hospitals neediest families and give them a party with some food, drinks, and music from a boom box.  The hospitals social services department employees largely funded Project Elf and the party, although they tried, was lacking festivity. The first year I worked with Project Elf we hosted 10 families at the event and supplied each child with a small gift and a more festive party.

In the past few years Project Elf has exploded into a huge event that currently hosts 45 families. We are able to provide toys not only for the ill children but also the child’s sibling and provide the families with staple items such as food, clothes, TV’s, computers, school supplies, and much more. The event is jam packed with food, games, crafts stations, photo booths, an appearance by Santa and his elves, and many more festivities. After a few years of working with Project elf I realized I needed to start my own 5013C nonprofit and so PG Kids was born in 2011. I am overjoyed to see the growth and be part of the progress of Project Elf and PG Kids.

Orestes Llorente