Who We Are

Project Give Kids, Inc. dba PG Kids is a non-profit (501C3) organization centered on goals of a general philanthropic nature. The overall mission it to provide relief to the poor, the distressed, and the underprivileged children in the South Florida area.

Our main project as PG Kids is Project Elf Party at Miami Children’s Hospital. We host a party which benefits 30 of the Hospital’s most underprivileged patients and their families. The children get to escape from the difficulties of their lives and experience a festive evening of food, music, raffles, games, and gifts for all to enjoy.

Throughout the year we take on various projects which have assisted many families in times of dire need. We have been able to provide families with food, clothing, laptops, school supplies, school uniforms, and outings to recreational activities such as baseball games. Your generous contribution will help us continue to grow our outreach to the children in need. A priceless smile on a child’s face speaks wonders of the difference we are making in their lives.

PG Kids will organize the collection of gifts to include but not limited to financial contributions, school supplies, toys, clothing, shoes, electronics, and sports equipment amongst other assets. PG Kids will also aid and provide volunteers for events such as birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and other events found to be of benefit or support to those in need. All gifts collected by PG Kids will be for the sole purpose of charity. 100% of the proceeds and gifts furnished to PG Kids will be donated: to children with terminal illnesses, underprivileged children and low income families in community. PG Kids will host sporting events, happy hours, and dinners amongst other events to raise funds for charity.